Template License

Learn all about the license permissions for our templates.

Personal & Commercial Use

You can use BricksWizard templates for both personal and commercial projects

No Redistribution/Selling

You cannot sell, redistribute, or give away templates or their modifications.

You Can:

  • Create end products (websites) for your clients and personally.
  • You can edit/customize/modify templates to your liking for your projects.
  • You can combine the templates with your own or other work to make a derivative work.
  • The templates have a unlimited projects license which means you can use them multiple times, on multiple projects.

You Cannot:

  • You cannot sell, redistribute, or give away the templates or its modifications under any circumstances. This means, you cannot modify a template and sell it as your own on any website/forum/marketplace.
  • You cannot re-distribute templates downloaded to others on a private channel or forum.
  • If you are suspected of not complying to with this agreement and terms of service, we have the right to block/suspend your account thereby removing your access from our templates any refund. Furthermore, violation of these terms will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these templates work?

Once you’ve purchased the template, you will have to import the JSON template files of each page into Bricks Builder manually. You can find a detailed tutorial here.

What’s required to use BricksWizard templates?

You’ll need to have Bricks Builder installed on your website to use our templates.

Will the templates slow down my website?

The templates do not include any custom CSS/JS and are purely built on Bricks. Hence, they don’t impact the site speed at all.

Can I use these templates for client projects?

Yes, absolutely! These templates can be used for your personal and commercial (client) projects.

Do you offer support if I need help?

Yes, you can find help and support by contacting us through the contact form on the website or by joining our Facebook group here.

What does ‘unlimited projects’ mean?

‘Unlimited Projects’ means that you can purchase any of our templates and use it on multiple websites/projects.

How often are templates added/updated?

1-2 new templates will be added every month for the foreseeable future. This can change in the future and we may release more templates monthly.

Are all templates included in the subscription?

Yes, the Annual Package includes all the templates listed on BricksWizard.

Can I sell templates I built with BricksWizard?

Since BricksWizard is a library of templates, you’re not allowed to use our templates to create your own templates for sale.

Do you support ACSS?

Currently, our templates are not built using ACSS or any third-party plugin or framework for that matter. However, we do plan to rrelease ACSS templates in the future.